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20190131034135-what determines your credit score.jpg

There’s a lot of conflicting information about credit scores on the internet. Even if you don’t research credit scores online, you can still get misinformation from well-meaning people in your lif...

Chris Chris 01/31/2019
20181017045542-Will Cancelling a Credit Card Hurt My Credit Score.jpg

A question that we get asked a lot is “Will closing a credit card hurt my score?” People are worried that they have too many credit cards and want to close some older accounts, but are paralyzed b...

Chris Chris 11/25/2018
20180927030626-how to improve your credit score as a student.jpeg

Something that isn’t taught in high schools (even though it should be) is some good personal finance knowledge. Many people leave high school with no knowledge of things like lines of credit, stud...

Chris Chris 11/09/2018
20180913052323-what is title fraud.jpg

What is a title? A title proves that someone is the legal owner of a property. A title may also be referred to in conversation as a “deed.”   What is title fraud? Title fraud is...

Chris Chris 10/27/2018
20180911021936-how much are scotia points worth.png

Scotia Rewards points are worth $0.01 each. They have a consistent value no matter what you’re redeeming for – 1 Scotia point always equals 1 cent. While the value may be lower per point than ot...

Chris Chris 10/25/2018
20180830015943-how to improve your credit score fast.jpg

One of the most frustrating things about your credit score is how easily it can drop and how hard it is to bring it back up. You can hurt your credit with realizing it, then be stuck at a lower sco...

Chris Chris 10/10/2018

Your credit score is something that most people either ignore completely or obsess over. There’s plenty of advice – even on our website – on how to improve your credit score, but there isn’...

Chris Chris 09/26/2018

As cashless payments become increasingly popular, Canadians are put more at risk of point of sale scams. With cash, your personal information isn’t at risk – but carrying and using cash is inconve...

Chris Chris 08/29/2018
20180705120256-cc categories.jpg

Get the card that fits your spending There are over two hundred different credit cards in Canada, but they all do one thing the same – allow you to spend your money. So why should you choose one ...

Chris Chris 08/23/2018
20180522044039-tips for card.jpeg

Credit cards are a great tool for making transactions easy, get great rewards, shop online, and improve your credit score. However, there are many pitfalls, the biggest of which is the interest rat...

Chris Chris 07/29/2018
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