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20181213020638-new mortgages down in 2nd quarter.jpg

A statement from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation today, December 13, shows that the demand for new mortgages was down in the 2nd quarter of 2018. It’s been a tough year for real estat...

Chris Chris 12/13/2018
20181211094658-credit card extended warranty.jpg

Sears Canada is once again making headlines despite having gone out of business nearly 12 months ago. This time, the issue is extended warranties; or rather, the lack of warranties. Since Sears is no...

Chris Chris 12/11/2018
20181207023222-first time hombuyer programs in canada.jpeg

First Time Home Buyer Programs First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit The First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit (FTHC) is a non-refundable tax credit worth $750. A tax credit reduces the amount of tax you o...

Chris Chris 12/07/2018
20181205024401-never make the minimum payment.jpeg

When you get your credit card statement, you’ll see 2 numbers. The first is your credit card minimum payment, which is the least amount of money you need to pay on your credit card. The second is ...

Chris Chris 12/05/2018
20181205121748-boc interest rate.jpg

In the latest Bank of Canada interest rate announcement at 10 am Wednesday, December 05, 2018, they announced that interest rates wouldn’t be changed from 1.75%. Most experts agreed that the rates w...

Chris Chris 12/05/2018
20181130030820-bank of canada.jpg

The Bank of Canada has been on a roll in the past year and a half, increasing the target for the overnight rate from 0.50% - an all-time low – to 1.75%. Mortgage rates and the overnight night rate a...

Chris Chris 11/30/2018
20181126033636-gic penalties.jpg

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) allow you to invest with basically no risk. Not only are your returns guaranteed, but the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation also insures GICs up to $100,00...

Chris Chris 11/26/2018
20181112023741-what is the mortgage stress test in canada.jpg

Have you heard of the mortgage stress test? Many Canadians haven’t, and are surprised to learn that they can’t afford as much house as they thought they could. Don’t be caught off-guard!   Th...

Ali Ali 11/23/2018
20181119015451-what should i do if my mortgage application is denied.jpg

Getting denied for a mortgage is more than disheartening – it can have serious financial consequences if you submitted an offer on a home without a financing condition. That’s why we always recomm...

Ali Ali 11/23/2018
20181016123720-getting a mortgage with bad credit.jpeg

Financial hurdles in your past can not only cost a lot of money in interest charges or late fees, but can negatively affect your credit for years – even well after it’s been paid for. Things like ...

Ali Ali 11/23/2018
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